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Producing with PBS: Proposal process

PBS will review and consider each proposal submitted to us for consideration.
} 12:00 am

Step 1: Your proposal must include a program summary form and a signed submission release form.  PBS cannot review a proposal until these forms are received. See below to download and complete the following required forms:

Step 2: Assemble the following required materials and include any additional materials that may be available:

  • PBS Program Summary Form (Required): Include link and password to project, list of funders, available rights, and other relevant details.
  • PBS Submission Release (Required): Please include required details and signature.
  • Key Personnel (Required): Provide detailed biographies or resume information for key project staff, i.e., producer, director, writer, cinematographer, editor, as well as experts, consultants, and talent.
  • Project Treatment (Required): Clearly communicate how the program will unfold from beginning to end. Include details on story structure, theme, style, format, voice, and point-of-view.
  • DEI Plan (Required): Please see PBS’s DEI Producing Criteria.
  • Line-Item Budget (If available): Include an itemized list of project costs, i.e., staff salaries, talent, post-production expenses, outreach, insurance, etc.
  • Production Schedule (If available): Provide a schedule of all phases of production.

Step 3: Email program summary, release, and required/additional materials to with the subject header “SUBMISSION: Title of Project.”

NOTE: If you are submitting multiple proposals, please email each proposal separately with a program summary form and signed submission release form for each project.

Step 4: You will receive a verification of submission via email.


Timeframe for Review


Due to the volume of proposals received, a standard response timeframe cannot be guaranteed.  In practice, our goal is to contact producers about their proposed projects within 4-6 weeks. Projects that PBS, in its sole discretion, deem unique and timely in nature may receive immediate attention.

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