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Vancity Black Entrepreneur Loan Program

For Black entrepreneurs who require an alternative option to traditional lending


Collective Bunch Society & Black Business Association of BC

The Collective Bunch Society is proud to work with the Black Business Association of BC to offer a Vancity Black Business Loan Program to entrepreneurs who require an alternative option to traditional lending.

“This is an amazing opportunity to build more resilient Black owned businesses, families, and communities with dependable tools and resources. Together, we will address access to capital challenges still faced by Black owned businesses.” – Jason Mackay, Founder / Executive Director – Collective Bunch Society

How we can help:

  • Bridge the gap for businesses that may not be eligible for traditional lending

  • Loan readiness, business planning and advice

  • Timely access to capital

  • Pre & post loan support to ensure the best possible experience and journey

Submit your application HERE or contact Jason Mackay for more info.





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