Championing a dynamic motion picture workforce in B.C. that is equitable, diverse and inclusive.

Mid-Career Accelerator

This BSO program is a committed effort to break down systemic barriers, engaging employers directly in the growth and success of mid-career Black professionals. This initiative creates a dynamic pipeline for these professionals to ascend to senior decision-making roles.


Black Screen Office (BSO)

For Participants, Employers and Mentors:






The Black Screen Office Mid-Career Accelerator is a 6-9 month program targeting mid-career Black employees within the screen industry, focusing on key corporate areas such as human resources, development, acquisitions, finance, and more. Participants are Black professionals either already employed – typically at a distributor, broadcaster, funder, or industry association – or newly hired into the organization. It involves working with the organization to develop the skills of these professionals through mentorship, coaching, and specialized training, ultimately enabling them to be promoted to influential decision-making roles.

Participating organizations gain the opportunity to actively support the development of Black talent while addressing a critical gap in mid-career professional advancement identified by our research. The program includes creating organizational profiles, pinpointing requisite skills for success, and guiding mentors for effective support. It also involves enhancing anti-racist protocols and practices within these organizations through our groundbreaking Anti-Black Racism Training program. Through partnerships with forward-thinking organizations, the BSO Career Accelerator aims to reshape organizational approaches to equity, diversity, and inclusion, ultimately propelling Black professionals into senior roles and combating anti-Black racism in the industry.

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