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BSO Office Hours Mentorship Program

The BSO Office Hours Mentorship Program is a one-on-one mentorship program for Black Canadians in the screen industries.


Black Screen Office (BSO)
} 12:00 am

It offers personalized mentorship for Black Canadians seeking to enter or advance their careers with film, television, and digital media. The program connects mentees with experienced mentors from diverse roles within the industry. Mentors dedicate an initial hour to meet with mentees, followed by an optional hour for follow-up or further guidance. After the mentee fills out an initial questionnaire to identify the focus of the mentorship session, the program’s goal is simply to provide mentees with quick access to information, networking, and practical advice.

Mentees may not be sure of what talent level they would be considered at by the industry. Please refer to the Talent Levels Guide to confirm your industry-recognized talent level.

Mentees also may not be sure of exactly what career they would like to have in the industry. There are hundreds of jobs in the film industry, and they simply may not know all of the positions, and what they do. Please refer to the Reel Canada Careers In Film site to get some excellent guidance.

Mentors will be supported by a BSO-designed Mentors Toolkit, and a guidance session to inspire confidence, particularly in new mentors.
Both Mentors and Mentees will have the opportunity to provide feedback to the BSO, allowing for continual growth and improvement of the program.

For Mentors:

  • Share Expertise: Provide practical insights, navigate spaces, build skills, access resources, and more.
  • Networking: Connect mentees to your network for relevant opportunities and relationships.
  • Advocate: Utilize your influence to overcome access barriers.
  • Learning: Remain open to new experiences and ideas, facilitating two-way learning.


For Mentee:

  • Before: Research mentor and their work, set goals, and prepare questions.
  • During: Engage in goal-oriented conversations, seek advice, and explore options.
  • After: Show gratitude, follow up on commitments, and continue independent learning.

Experience mentorship tailored to your screen industry goals. Grow, network, and exchange knowledge in a supportive environment.




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