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Doberman Pictures – Careers

In-person & Online


Animation is a Craft

Yeti Farm Creative – Careers

In-person & Online


Big studio. Boutique vibe. We create with you.

Titmouse – Careers

In-person & Online


Titmouse is an independent award-winning animation production company

Big Bad Boo Studios – Careers

In-person & Online


We make Kids Content for TV, apps & games such as The Bravest Knight, 16 Hudson and 1001 Nights airing in 80 countries!

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About #BCFilm

Choosing to work in B.C.’s motion picture industry means becoming part of one of the largest and most sophisticated centres for production in the world. Many things combine to make B.C.’s industry as successful as it is – from its skilled people (often referred to as talent) and variety of location “looks”, to its specialized production spaces and services.


Est. Total B.C. production spend on close to 500 shows in 2022


B.C.’s current crew depth for simultaneous live action productions


Animation, VFX and Post Production studios


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