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Animal handler
Animal Handlers and Wranglers

Provides and controls all animals and their actions necessary to the script.

This department works with a wide range of animals, directing their action in a scene. From cats, dogs, birds and horses and all other animals, the handlers, trainers and wranglers are responsible for delivering animal performances.



Entry Level


Entry Level & In-demand

What kind of jobs are available?



What those who work in this department usually bring to the work. 


  • Experience in animal training and handling, good working knowledge of the Lower Mainland.


  • Previous work experience as a wrangler on a film or television production.

Wrangler (Pick Up)

Wrangler (Braider)


Wild Animal Trainers

Wild Animal Handlers

Trainers (Stable)

Trainers (Domestic Livestock)

Head Wrangler

Dog Trainer

Dog Handler

Assistant Animal Wrangler

Animal Wrangler

Many job roles in the motion picture industry are represented by a union or guild. 

If you see a logo below, the role may be covered by a union or guild.  Please consult those organizations to understand the requirements (such as certification, licensing or work experience) to join as a member.   

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