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When you’re young

Welcome to all parents! Is your child considering a career in film and television?  

We have built this site to help provide some information about pathways into the work.  Here’s how to use the Creative Pathways website.

  • Understand the three major job groups in the film and television industry, how people get hired and what the work is like.   See which best suits your child’s needs.
  • Check out the various departments in the careers section. This is where you will find more information on how to work as a screenwriter, cook, camera operator, accountant and the many roles within the departments that make films and television shows.  You will see which jobs are often in high demand, which are entry-level positions and which union or guild that job is associated with.
  • Most of the work in motion picture is project-based and freelance. This resources section provides some of the tools to manage a career in motion picture.  We also suggest you look at The Journey pages for each of the major job groups to understand what the career paths are and Motion Picture Life, where you can understand patterns of work.
  • Check out the Opportunities section where you can find out information about upcoming jobs, webinars, training opportunities and so much more.

Career Exploration Quizzes

There are useful tools to narrow down your child’s focus based on their passions, skills and knowledge:

B.C.’s motion picture industry supports employment for thousands of people each year and continues to grow.

For a deeper dive into careers in motion picture in B.C., there are recent labour market studies that look at the below-the-line workforce and the creative technology sector.

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