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Hello and welcome!  Do you know a passionate performer, a technically minded student who can fix almost anything or a budding costume designer standing before you looking for career advice? 

Here’s how to use the Creative Pathwayswebsite.

  • Understand the three major job groups in the film and television industry, how people get hired and what the work is like.   See which best suits your student’s needs:
    • Above the Line/Creative Entrepreneurs,
    • Below the Line/Professional Craftspeople & Technicians,
    • Animation/Visual Effects/Post Production/Creative Tech
  • Check out the various departments in the Careers section. This is where you will find more information on how to work as a screenwriter, cook, camera operator, accountant and the many roles within the departments that make films and television shows.  You will see which jobs are often in high demand, which are entry-level positions and which union or guild that job is associated with.
  • Most of the work in motion picture is project-based and freelance. This Resources section provides some of the tools to manage a career in motion picture.  We also suggest you look at The Journey pages for each of the major job groups to understand what the career paths are.
  • Check out the Opportunities section where you can find out information about upcoming jobs, webinars, training opportunities and so much more.
  • Schools can sign-up for a free, one hour online presentation by Reel Canada’s Reel Opportunities Program.  Reel Canada facilitators will provide an overview of career paths in Canadian film and will feature a working film industry professional speaking about their own experiences in a specific area of interest. More information and registration available here:
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