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The camera department is helmed by the Director of Photography (DOP), who collaborates with the Director to capture and shoot the production.

The work in this department covers all aspects from creative, technical, and physical. Various techniques include setting up the shot, making sure the shot is in focus, handling and operating equipment, as well as coordinating with the Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) in preparing dailies.



Entry Level


Entry Level & In-demand

What kind of jobs are available?



What those who work in this department usually bring to the work.


  • Knowledgeable about various camera models and systems (both digital and film).
  • Familiar with work techniques and equipment used in film and TV production.
  • Strong attention to detail, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to adapt to changing environments is crucial.


  • Working in the camera department typically requires extensive on-the-job training with hands-on expertise in the various types of equipment used.
  • This experience can be gained through education and working on independent films, commercials or movies of the week (which has the advantage of accruing the requisite paid days of work to qualify for membership in ICG 669, the labour organization who represents the camera department).
  • Another path to this knowledge and experience in British Columbia is to join the ICG 669 Camera Trainee program which has a structured program providing training and work experience on a variety of productions.

Phantom Camera Technician

Aerial Camera Operator

Aerial Director of Photography

Underwater Camera Assistant

Underwater Camera Operator

Underwater Director of Photography

Stills Photographer

Drone Camera Assistant

Drone Camera Operator

Drone Operator (Pilot)

Manned Aircraft Camera Mount Technician

Motion Control System Technician

Remote Head Technician

Motion Picture Video Assistant 1 (MPVA1)

Motion Picture Video Coordinator (MPVC)

Teleprompter Operator

EPK Camera Operator

EPK Director of Photography

Digital Utility

Digital Loader

Digital Imaging Technician (DIT)

Camera Trainee

2nd AC (Assistant Cameraperson)

1st AC (Assistant Cameraperson)

Steadicam Operator

Camera Operator

2nd Unit Director of Photography

Director of Photography

Many job roles in the motion picture industry are represented by a union or guild. 

If you see a logo below, the role may be covered by a union or guild.  Please consult those organizations to understand the requirements (such as certification, licensing or work experience) to join as a member.   

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