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Visual Effects
Visual Effects

Visual Effects (VFX) is the art of enhancing the real world by making images and sequences on computers that can’t be filmed in real life (dinosaurs) or is safer and less expensive to do digitally.

The VFX department is the logistical and creative link between physical production and post production whereby images captured on set are manipulated by Visual Effects artists.

Responsible for combining computer-generated sequence with live-action footage to create scenes that can’t be filmed in real life.

Work in Visual Effects (VFX) is part of the live action process, enhancing shot footage with new images and elements to create scenes that can’t be filmed in real life. As part of the post-production workflow, visual effects artists work under deadline and often their work is shared across many different suppliers.



Entry Level


Entry Level & In-demand

What kind of jobs are available?


What people who work in this department or discipline usually bring to the work:


  • Proficiency and technical knowledge with a range of software, whether working in an artistic or technical/programming role.
  • For artists, a trained eye and strong sense of light, colour and physics is essential.
  • Familiarity with live-action film production and post production processes is helpful.
  • Most artist and technical hires have post-secondary education.
  • Production management-type roles can be learned on the job.


  • As with animation, people who work in visual effects demonstrate their work experience through an online portfolio that shows one’s talent, creativity and a range of styles through work on a range of projects.
  • Some visual effects positions are based on set, therefore on set working experience is required.

Many job roles in the motion picture industry are represented by a union or guild.

If you see a logo below, the role may be covered by a union or guild. Please consult those organizations to understand the requirements (such as certification, licensing or work experience) to join as a member.

Technical Supervisor

Technical Director

Previs Artist

3D Rigger

3D Modeler

3D Animator

Digital Matte Painter

Texture Artist

FX Artist

IO Assistant / Render Wrangler

IT / VFX Consultant

Production Assistant / Runner

Character Animator Supervisor

CG Supervisor

Previs Artist

Roto Paint Artist

Matchmove Artist

3D Generalist


Lighting Artist


IO Assistant / Data Ops

Creature FX (CFX) Artist

Layout Artist

Concept Artist

Visual Effects Assistant

VFX Technician

VFX Artist

Visual Effects Coordinator

Visual Effects Supervisor

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