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This department is highly involved with the promotion and advertising of film or television series.

Publicists work closely with both studio/network contacts to determine the list of project deliverables and confidently liaise with producers, actors/talent reps, still photographers and the EPK and on-set crew to determine the best opportunities during the course of production. A key part of this role is to ensure the required promotional content and opportunities are captured when moving forwards to the distribution phase.



Entry Level


Entry Level & In-demand

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What people who work in this department usually bring to the work.


  • Strong writing and communication skills.
  • Must be comfortable in changing environments, know how to build strong and enduring relationships with including but not limited to studio/network contacts, press, cast & crew.
  • Good publicists must be organized, have great time management skills, know how to create press materials, pitch opportunities, create schedules just to name a few.


  • Previous work experience in areas such as public relations, journalism, marketing, film production and distribution.

Senior Unit Publicist

Junior Unit Publicist


Many job roles in the motion picture industry are represented by a union or guild. 

If you see a logo below, the role may be covered by a union or guild.  Please consult those organizations to understand the requirements (such as certification, licensing or work experience) to join as a member.   

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