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Screenwriters are the first critical stage in the creation of film and television entertainment. The screenwriter creates the structure, or narrative arc, of the story, fleshes out all the characters and dialogue, and, crucially, describes everything visually, so that it is very clear what the scene should look like to the audience.

Screenwriters write and develop screenplays for film or TV either based on an original idea, by adapting an existing story into a screenplay or by joining an existing project.



Entry Level


Entry Level & In-demand

What kind of jobs are available?


What people who work in this discipline usually bring to the work.


  • Screenwriters have a strong creative vision and excellent writing skills, a good understanding of all type of genres filmmaking, a passion for storytelling.
  • Relevant education in English, creative writing, theatre and/or screenwriting is useful, but not essential.


  • Experience writing screenplays is critical to building a writing portfolio and gaining relevant experience. 


Story Editor

Story Consultant


Animation Writer

Animation Story Editor

Many job roles in the motion picture industry are represented by a union or guild. 

If you see a logo below, the role may be covered by a union or guild.  Please consult those organizations to understand the requirements (such as certification, licensing or work experience) to join as a member.   

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